All About Me


Moshi2! Mika-chan's here! (^w^)
there's nothing much about me...I'm 18 years old (2010), a Malaysian.

I love musics, computer, games, n books! hehe.. (^_^)

I love GothLolita fashions! they're cute and kinda cool! Emo? not bad...

The items that i love the most is my sketch book or paper or anything that i can draw something on it, my pencils and pens, my cellphone, my laptop, my teddy, and lastly, my black eyeliner. i can't live without them.. (OwO) (^ ^,)

My favorite color is Black (coz its DARK), Red (coz its THE COLOR OF BLOOD), Pink (coz its PUNK), and lastly, Grey or White (coz its GLOOMY)...

I love to watch anime, n read manga. I'm a yaoi fangirl, so what?? hehe...

I love Japan!! whee..whee..! xD
i've never go there, but one day, i'll definitely go there!! just wait and see! hahaha!!

What else do you wanna know about me? just ask me anything. except for the private things. ok? ^^

I guess, that's all. see ya!